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English Language and Literature

The study of language in a wide variety of texts is known as the study of English language. You might examine the language used in speeches, media, books, and television.

Human Resourses

The department of a company tasked with locating, hiring, screening, and training job applicants is known as human resources (HR). Additionally, it manages benefit plans for employees.


MS Excel (Beginner & Expert)

Paper spreadsheets used for accounting served as the foundation for the first electronic spreadsheet tools. Therefore, the fundamental design of computerized spreadsheets is the same as that of paper spreadsheets. Tables, which are collections of little rectangular boxes or cells grouped into rows and columns, are where related data is kept.

Marketing Management

The definition of marketing management is the "art and science of selecting target markets and establishing fruitful relationships with them." Through the creation, delivery, and communication of exceptional customer value, this entails acquiring, maintaining, and developing customers.

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Computer Programmers

IT Management

The process by which all resources linked to information technology are managed in accordance with an organization's priorities and needs is known as information technology management (IT management). This comprises both physical resources—such as computers, networking devices, and people—and intangible resources—such as software and data.

Admin Procedure and
Office Support

Executives, managers, and staff are assisted in carrying out their routine activities and clerical responsibilities by administrative support experts, often known as administrative assistants. They offer a wide range of administrative support, with a sizable percentage of their work entailing writing and creating materials, planning schedules, managing communications, and helping with bookkeeping and budgeting activities.


Leadership and Management

Both the directing function of management and leadership require independent and distinct skill sets. Leadership is about inspiring others and having a vision that upholds corporate principles. Executing activities and ensuring that administrative chores are completed effectively are both aspects of management.

Customer Service

The direct one-on-one connection between a customer making a purchase and a representative of the business selling it is known as customer service. The majority of retailers believe that this one-on-one contact is essential to ensuring customer satisfaction and promoting repeat business.


Operation Management

Executing backend business processes is what operations management does, and it's a fascinating profession to work in. To ensuring products and services are ready for the market, it requires managing manufacturing, inventory, and quality control.

Business Administration

The task of managing the assets, personnel, and business activities of a company engaged in commerce is known as business administration. It encompasses every facet of monitoring and controlling business goals and actions. It calls for expertise and understanding in a variety of fields, including information technology, marketing, finance, accounting, and other related fields.

Business Conference
Talking on the Phone

Reception Skills

The capacity to organize, manage communications, and multitask are all required for the receptionist position. To handle phone conversations and writing communication, certain skills are required. Receptionists welcome visitors, greet them, strike up conversation, and respond to inquiries.

Basic English Grammar

The set of structural principles governing the English language are known as English grammar. This encompasses the organization of individual words, phrases, clauses, sentences, and texts as a whole.


Make-up Artistry

A professional makeup artist alters or improves a person's appearance by using materials that are applied to the skin. Although makeup artists are frequently referred to as cosmetologists or beauticians, they differ in that they normally exclusively provide services related to makeup and do not typically provide other services like hair or nails.

Makeup Artist
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